Sparking Roots of The Past with Fire of The Modern South

Lost Riders come to you from beautiful Lake Charles, Louisiana.  Our "modern vintage" style of music features heavy elements of early Rock-N-Roll, Rockabilly, Traditional American Country, and Folk music.  We have an album and some singles released, which is available now on our Music page!

Members Neal Smith and David Wallace met while playing with other musicians local to the Lake Charles area, and quickly formed a bond through natural musical chemistry and kinship.  Using the natural percussion provided by the strings of the bass when slapped, amplified via a pickup up the backside of the bass' neck, along with a steady guitar rhythm mixed with leads, we found our sound.  Providing what is usually the role of three instruments with only two, we are able to generate a full, dynamic sound in any setting.  With this sound, we've found that at music venues, restaurants, and festivals, young and old alike often find that their toes start to tappin'! 

With an album, singles, music videos, and regular live shows, Lost Riders are on the move! Catching us live is easy: just check the events calendar here on the website.  And listening to our recorded music is as easy as buying an album or song onlineat a show, or by streaming from your favorite music service!  We have shirts, too!  And, we have a blog about music we like – new posts come every Tuesday and Thursday! Want to get notified when new music from Lost Riders is releasing, or when the next live show is?  Check back here often!  Or better yet, sign up for our mailing list below for all the latest LR news!